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Welcome to my Teachable page!

Its good to see you here. This is a growing set of resources for anyone interested in the critical care patient or any of the skills that might be needed for the very sick patient.

All the teaching will be based on the National Competency Framework for Adult Critical Care Nurses which is the format currently used in the UK throughout may critical care units for teaching members of staff the core principles.

So you might be a student nurse about to go on placement, or a staff nurse just starting in critical care both of whom would benefit from the learning materials here.

You maybe a paramedic, operating department practitioner or junior doctor who would find an introduction to this world valuable.

Right now there is only one course available, but over time there will be many more and you will be able to pick them out individually or they will be packaged in relevant subjects for you to access. So you can pick as much or as little as you want.

"Finished it all!! It’s brilliant. Very engaging and really good content. I’ll definitely be going back to it. You made things very clear and in depth enough too. Bravo!!"

- Marian Pueyo, Critical Care Outreach Lead, Trainee Advanced Critical Care Practitioner.

Your lecture was brilliant . It has given me a strong foundation to build on and I'm not just saying that because I happen to be in ITU on placement
I would say it is essential for all nursing students to complete this critical care course and it should be mandatory.
Experience obviously comes over time, however knowledge and skills are crucial in becoming an effective nurse and this begins with teaching and learning from those that know how.

Amanda- Student Nurse

I also have a website over at www.criticalcarepractitioner.co.uk from where I also host my podcast "Critical Care Practitioner" which you can also find in iTunes.

I am very active on Twitter and you can contact me there @ccpractitioner. I would love you to get in touch.